Truth vs Tradition

Truth is based on fact and fact is oftentimes the enemy of tradition; or at least the enemy of those who make money off that tradition. Such is the case with the truth about Jesse James. Author, Betty Dorsett Duke has spent well over a decade amassing facts and evidence proving that Jesse James faked his death in 1882 and was not shot in the back of the head by Bob Ford. The traditionalists stick to their same old story, claiming that Jesse James was shot in the back of the head by Bob Ford. When faced with undeniable proof the traditionalists go about their business as if nothing ever happened. It is a perfect example of a false story that makes money for a few people who falsely claim to be authorities in regards to Jesse James. They build their little careers around this money making machine and literally threaten and harass anyone who dares produce facts which threaten their enterprise. Visit to read about the various threats these people like to make. 

Like most people who claim to be the experts yet have no proof to back up their story, they remind me of a late summer rain cloud that grows dark, blows a lot of wind and makes a lot of noise but never produces a single drop of rain. 

Every bit of evidence offered as proof by these so-called historians has been refuted and proven to be either completely wrong or seriously flawed. If a person tries to approach them in a civil manner, they quickly turn it to accusations and threats. And then there’s the spokesperson for the James Farm and Museum in Clay County, Missouri. Her only reply when questioned by the media or anyone else interested in the truth is that, attendance has picked up at the Museum and the 1995 exhumation was conclusive. When reminded that the exhumation has been proven wrong and debunked she brushes that off and quickly steps around it. I also find it amusing that she chooses to point at attendance rising. Does she place tourist dollars above truth? 

It is very obvious that any facts that go against their story is highly irritating to them. They’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into trying to make people think their story is true yet all they’ve managed to prove is that they are all hat and no cattle. 

Facts are facts and the truth about Jesse James is that he didn’t die in 1882. He relocated to Texas where he lived under the alias of James L. Courtney and died in 1943 at the age of 97. 

For those interested in the truth regarding Jesse James, just pick up a copy of one of Betty Dorsett Duke’s most recent books from Amazon or any other bookstore and enjoy!   



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