I’m dedicating this new page to; you guessed it, books! Books about Jesse James and those associated with him. Below is the list starting with my favorites which in the not too distant future will include more old and new titles:

1) Jesse James – The Smoking Gun
Author: Betty Dorsett Duke
Published Nov 2011
Buy Now at

2) The Truth About Jesse James
Author: Betty Dorsett Duke
Published January 2008
Buy Now at

3) Jesse James Lived & Died in Texas
Author: Betty Dorsett Duke
Published November 1998
Buy Now at

4) Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure
Author: Daniel J. Duke
Published July 9, 2019
Buy now at Inner Traditions

5) The Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James
Authors: Teresa F. Duke and Daniel J. Duke
Coming June 9, 2020
Pre-Order Now at Inner Traditions

Below, is a list of books from authors outside of my family. In this list I’ll include books that have been written over the years from various authors, regarding Jesse James and/or those around him. There are bits and pieces of the truth found in most of the books below, some more than others. I plan to add more later.

‘Branded As Rebels’
Author: Joanne C. Eakin & Donald R. Hale
Published 1993
View the book at

‘Cavaliers of the Brush:  Quantrill and His Men’
Author: Michael E. Banasik
Published 2003
View the book at

‘Jesse James:  The Man and the Myth’
Author: Marley Brant
Published 1998
View the book at

‘Jesse James Was His Name; or, Fact and Fiction concerning the Careers of the Notorious James Brothers of Missouri’
Author: William A. Settle, Jr.
Published 1977
View the book at

‘JesseJames Was One of His Names”
Author: Del Schrader
Published 1975
View the book at

‘JesseJames Was One of His Names”
Author: Frank Triplett
View the book at

Frank and Jesse James:  The Story Behind the Legend’
Author: Ted Yeatman
View the book at

Jesse and Frank James:  The Family History’
Author: Phillip Steele
View the book at






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