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New photo proves Jesse James faked his death

A photo of the funeral of famous outlaw Jesse James in 1882 proves that Jesse James wasn’t killed by Bob Ford as history reports. You can view the photo, descriptions and comparisons at www.jessejamesintexas.com under the “what’s new” section.  You won’t be disappointed!

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Jesse James – The Smoking Gun

‘Jesse James – The Smoking Gun’ by Betty Dorsett Duke is the latest and most definitive book concerning the famous outlaw Jesse James.  Ms. Duke has provided more than enough evidence over the years proving that Jesse James faked his death in 1882 but her latest book; ‘Jesse James – The Smoking Gun’ is the icing on the cake.

Her determination for the truth, courage in the face of attacks and threats, her professional attitude and her habit of verifying evidence via forensic experts and other sources has carried her through the fog of misinformation planted by the group of unscrupulous detractors.

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